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About Tutorfair

Tutorfair is the "one for one" tutoring marketplace

The easiest way to find the best tutors; for every student who pays, a child who can't gets tutoring for free

If you are looking for a tutor in London you can search by subject, browse their profiles and see the tutors on video. Registered users can make their own shortlist, book tutors, message them or join the tutors waiting list. There are more tutors going live everyday.

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Andrew Ground
CEO, Co-founder

Andrew is driven by a desire to find good tutors for his own children, Adam and Sophia, our strongest critics – woe betide a tutor who produces a boring video. Andrew loves good user experience and is totally dedicated to using the Internet to provide choice and transparency to both parents and tutors. He was also UK MD of LOVEFILM, and a school governor.

Mark Maclaine
Director of Education, Co-founder

A tutor for 16 years, and awesome at it. Students are inspired by his energy and enthusiasm. He instils a love of learning which goes far beyond the Maths & Science he teaches. We love Mark … and all his stories. He's responsible for making sure this works for tutors and is ruthless about vetting tutors to ensure we've got the best. Mark is equally passionate about our social mission and ensuring that it really makes a difference.

Edd Stockwell
COO, Co-founder

He keeps everything moving as it should be, making sure we are doing everything we can to make Tutorfair the best it can be. He has previously run three start-ups and has an insatiable curiosity to learn everything. We're not quite sure what powers Edd: he doesn't eat much, doesn't sleep much, cycles everywhere and is constantly upbeat and optimistic – your secret, please?

Pete Kirby

Pete has been tutoring Maths & Science for 7 years and especially enjoys teaching geometry and genetics. He heads up the Tutorfair Foundation which delivers life-changing tutoring to pupils who can't afford it. And in his earlier years, Pete was a national champion fencer (the swords, not the gardening).

1 East Poultry Avenue, London, EC1A 9PT, United Kingdom
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